Johnny & June – Our Hearts are Broken

Last week we had a plea on Saving St. Louis Pets to help a few dogs in need that were emaciated and in need of emergency medical care. I didn’t even think twice when I said I would go get these babies and get them to the vet.

When I got to them, my tears started flowing as I realized how bad one was. We named them Johnny and June, as June would not leave Johnny’s side no matter what. I rushed them both to the vet, as Johnny could not even stand, he was so weak. As I carried him to the Dr, he looked at me and with tears in my eyes I told him he was safe now. The caring folks at the vet immediately started to get him warm and hooked him up to an IV to try and push fluids into his frail body.

The other night, Johnny took a turn for the worse and started having breathing problems due to his malnutrition and weakness. As antibiotics were being prepared, Johnny had a seizure and the kind vet staff was unable to pull him out and he passed away. 😢😢

My heart is broken right now, as we were too late to save him. My only hope now is to ensure that June is taken care of and knows love from here on out. She is safe in a temporary foster home but will need a permanent foster ASAP.

My team and I are mourning his loss, as you see, he was our dog. We loved him so very much in the short time we knew him. And poor June misses him too. This is who we are. We try to save the forgotten, the lost, and the broken – and we can’t do it without the funds to help these poor, lost souls who cannot ask Dr help themselves.

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